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watermelon wedge sitting on tabletop next to a clear glass cup of watermelon juice, framed against a matching red background

What's in Season: Summer

Who doesn't love and long for summer? Buttery sunlit days are dotted with watermelon seeds and soaked with ice cold lemonade. No matter where one may live in the U.S., they probably think summer is hot! Appetites made lighter by the heat can be indulged by plenty of delicious produce options, which are full of fiber & vibrant juices.  

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sectional image of fresh red strawberries with green stems on display in paper-based packaging

What's in Season: Spring

The damp, fresh smell of spring coupled with early signs of life brings the senses to life. Gardener's instinct kicks in and the gardening prep begins. Even though a growing zone may prove prohibitive in what one can plant in their own backyard, one can still find spring seasonal favorites at their local grocer or farmer's market. Strawberries anyone?

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rustic shallow blue bowl with brown speckles containing halved hard boiled egg, sliced fig, spiralized zucchini, tomato, etc. sitting on wooden table top. seasoned salt condiment on the left, halved avocado to right of bowl with sliced fig and a paring knife, clipped tree blossom in lower left corner

Healthy Eating Tips

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For many, healthy choices may be viewed with a negative connotation such as being restrictive, limiting, or too hard to follow. Even for those who effectively incorporate healthy habits in their daily lives, it is easy to fall into a rut. It’s common for us to focus on the changes or perceived sacrifices that come along with adopting healthy habits and often we have a negative association with change.

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