Steps to a Positive Work Environment

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Updated Post - Previously published 12/11/19 | Author: Debra Legge

Everyone wants to be appreciated, & valued for what they bring to a company. Too often the focus is on what is lacking in an employee, instead of  bringing out the best in them.

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Taking the time to show and express sincere appreciation such as, 'you mean something to us' and 'you are valued’, can transform the workplace into a positive environment.    

Two simple ways to make an employee feel valued are:

1) Give everyone the opportunity to learn from one another in a positive way. Assign employees to varying team projects where they can lend their expertise rather than always placing them on the same type of project. 

2) When critiquing a project use constructive criticism by first finding examples where an employee hit the mark and excelled, then provide constructive feedback on areas of necessary improvement.   


Providing opportunities for an employee to grow, blossom, and flourish creates a bond between both the employee and the company. Curate an environment where they are free to bring new ideas, concepts, and a breath of fresh air! Along the way, additional talents may emerge and develop - adding additional value to the company's work environment & culture. These steps will prove to be an effective employee retention strategy.  


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Acknowledge employee's intrinsic value & take the time to show sincere appreciation. Everyone will be happier & the company will thrive.


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