Senior Living: Dining Staff Training and Retention

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Did you know the number one root cause of problems during an audit is the lack of staff training?


If you develop and follow through with a standardized program for training staff, this problem can be erased from your list of headaches!

At Crandall Corporate Dietitians we have 53 years of experience in teaching dining staff cutting-edge standards they can operate deficiency-free on. We are happy to share some tips with you because we care about resident safety and satisfaction as much as you do! In this blog piece we'll touch on some basics of how to approach staff training in your dining program, & how that directly impacts employee retention. 

1. Set up for success before training your staff.
Before training can begin, you need to develop a standardized system staff can be guided by.
  • First, develop task time forms. Then from this list develop a master schedule.
  • Second, develop a set of Policies and Procedures which describe how the tasks on the master schedule are to be carried out.

Crandall Systems maintains a proven set of Policies & Procedures which meets industry standards!

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2. Provide a pathway to success. Once you've developed a master schedule with accompanying Policies & Procedures, you can then begin staff training.
  • Develop a staff orientation which includes what the expected standards are and direction on how the team operates within that framework. It is paramount that you consistently update your policies and procedures to reflect the regulatory standards to mitigate risk. 
  • Develop a standardized process for evaluation of staff performance. This process should allow you to measure staff comprehension and compliance with your initial training. Consider using professional training videos to simplify the training process.

At Crandall we have an online training library which integrates video into our competency checklists for staff training, relieving the person in charge of some of the required initial training. This resource has helped many Senior Living professionals streamline their kitchen operations!

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3. Performing audits and surveys. At a minimum, an individual from an outside department should audit or survey how well staff are performing.
  • With established expectations in place, the quality of performance can then be measured. The quality will improve through evaluation and reporting on employee performance. 
  • For quality assurance and continued improvement, it is also necessary to utilize audits and surveys. These should be conducted by a competent individual outside of the department who is familiar with regulatory standards.

Crandall's RDs are trained in state regulations and fill the role as Consultants to communities they are assigned to. If deficiencies are discovered, they administer an outlined course of action to bring the program back into compliance, helping to mitigate risk.

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4. Help retain staff through policies & procedures. Did you know implementing policies and procedures helps to retain staff?
  • When staff understands established standards and have clear guidance, the keys to success are in their hands. They can perform their duties with confidence knowing what the expectations are. 
  • When they perform in surveys and the standards are met, they feel more secure in their position and develop a deeper level of confidence.

In conclusion - ask yourself this question, "Do I have to recreate the wheel?" 
With Crandall you do not have to recreate the wheel, our proven set of Policies & Procedures, trainings & in-services are up to date and ready for implementation. Expect the following with Crandall Systems:
  • Proven Policies & Procedures which are kept current - staff can understand and successfully follow them.
  • With a Crandall Consulting Dietitian you'll have an additional layer of support and guidance in compliance.
  • With up-to-date trainings schedules and in-services, you'll increase your likelihood of having a great state and/or county survey!
  • Staff retention will increase, which in turn saves your department time and money in the long run!

Have questions about Crandall Systems? We'd love to answer them. Connect with us now!

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