Consistency in Customer Service

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Author: Linda Crandall, CEO

Customer Service is one of Crandall Corporate Dietitians’ Core Values. It is our goal to keep our customers at the forefront of all we do. We start with our Crandall Corporate Dietitians’ mission statement which states: “Crandall Corporate Dietitians’ mission is to deliver unsurpassed service with loyalty and integrity as our cornerstones.”

This beginning to our mission statement provides a consistent Customer Service standard for our Registered Dietitians and employees and shows them that our customers are our priority. It gives them guidance and direction in delivering consistent unsurpassed service.

As noted in our Core Value description for Customer Service, “If we say it, we’ll do it.” This makes this core value actionable. We do this by striving to always exceed our customers’ expectations and providing comprehensive leading-edge clinical and management systems and specialized menu programs.

We meet our goal of unsurpassed service by employing superior dietitians who share our vision of excellence.

In delivering consistent Customer Service with loyalty and integrity as our cornerstones, we take accountability for any errors and quickly make any corrections needed. The foundation for establishing loyal and satisfied customers is guaranteeing the same customer experience every time they interact with our company.

A great quote from Roger Staubach exemplifies our commitment: “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” – Roger Staubach

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