Components of Effective Senior Dining Menu Planning Software

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Resident safety & comfort at mealtime is vital. Providing a flexible, customizable menu that is diverse in choices & correspondingly mindful of medical needs is a challenge for senior living dining programs, large or small. On top of it all, meeting budget is always the elephant in the room.


Ease your Senior dining program challenges by ensuring all of these menu planning components are in place at your community!

1. Adopt a menu system that can adjust to any dining style, community type - and size.

    • Whether you offer a traditional dining setting, fast casual, bistro grab-and-go, a clusters of micro restaurants - or a mixed variety of these, you'll want a menu system that is designed to adapt.
    • Select a menu system that is adjustable to any care type - whether it be Assisted Living, Long-Term Care/Skilled Nursing, CCRCs, Memory Care, Rehabilitation,  or Hospitals & Group Homes. 
  • Crandall Menus covers these bases whether you have 8 buildings or 200 - we have Corporate Menu Specialists who understand your nuances and can keep stride with your needs now, and in the future.

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2. Your menu system should offer ongoing training and support!

    • Once you "sign up", you shouldn't be "signed off". Friendly, patient customer support should be included at no additional fee to ensure your success.
    • You and your team should know exactly how to personalize your menus according to your community needs.
    • Support ought to be available via telephone, e-mail, and online - customer service should always be happy to assist you.
    • When you have a new employee come onboard, it should be expected that they will receive the same training as you did. A well-trained staff member will feel more confident in their work.
  • You're not just another account to Crandall. Each community's voice is heard and our team takes pride in building trusted relationships. Your continued success matters to us.

3. Pick a menu planning system that provides flexible & adaptable recipes.

    • The best menu system is one designed to adapt to your community size, dining style and budget. (Speaking of budget, you can get a budget review with a Crandall Support Specialist when you have our menu system.)
    • Double check that while you are able to personalize menu choices to your resident's unique needs, you can still obtain that key RD Signature of approval! (More about this later.)
    • You know better than anyone that menus need to be customizable to your resident's needs, including dislikes and allergies - be sure your system can incorporate this.
  • Crandall Menus allows you to adapt your dining programs' needs to your specific circumstances.

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4. Always have Registered Dietitian approval!

    • Get that RD signature stamp-of-approval which assures personalized changes will meet healthy eating patterns and nutritional parameters - within regulation - in your state.
  • Approve My Menu is Crandall Menu’s unique, built-in RD review capability that meets these recommendations!

5. Get a menu planning system that provides both cost-management tools & is easy to use.

    • Save time by finding a menu program which instantly calculates across the spectrum for nutritional adequacy, ePRD reporting and purchasing!
    • Get menu software whose setup is quick, and preloaded with everything you need to make the switch right away – allowing for customization and personalization in a few simple steps.
  • One monthly rate provides everything Crandall Menus has to offer, you can track your spending and the setup is easy - and simple to use. Our menus have an integration with DSSI – so you can connect your real-time pricing to your menu.

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6. Find menu software that stays current with culinary trends and provides regional comfort foods.

    • Selection is a huge need when looking for menu software. Not only should there be plenty of recipe options, but you should also be able to adapt them to the needs of your residents.  
    • Use a system that helps you to delight residents with recipes highlighting culinary trends and/or regional comfort foods.
  • At Crandall, we know apart from the importance of ensuring your success, the other people we're ultimately aiming to please also includes the ones you are plating for. We provide thousands of quality recipes to drive your culinary innovation and seasonal offerings!

7. If you serve residents within a community who require clinical nutrition - your menu software should be able to keep pace with those vital individual needs.

  • Our menu program's companion system, Diet Essentials, helps you keep track of resident's dietary requirements - keeping them saferThis system integration provides the following:
    • Integrations with EMR companies such as PointClickCare, MatrixCare, Cerner and others to receive specific resident information, which reduces duplication and errors.
    • Menu connectivity to individual resident information and preferences, noting any food allergies, intolerances, or diet restrictions.
    • The resident/tray card component works with any care type and generates cards and reporting with as much or as little information as needed.
    • The weight management feature has easy-to-use input, tracking of weight trends, and versatile reporting for the community and your dietitian.

Have questions about Crandall Menus? Our Menu Specialists are always happy to help if you have questions! Start a conversation. 

Additionally, you can discover what customers have to say, look up reviews online!


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